Korean Dept.
Min Yinglan

Female, Associate Professor, Head of the Department

Oversea Director of the Korean Literature Association,

Director of the Korean Language Education Association in China

Education Background:

Ph.D. 2009, Kyungpook National University

M.A. 2002, Kyungpook National University

B.A. 1985, Yanbian University

Research Interests:

Korean Linguistics, Chinese-Korean Comparative Linguistics, Lexical Semantics


Korean Intensive Reading, Oral Korean, Korean Extensive Reading, Korean Grammar, Chinese-Korean Comparative Linguistics, Korean Linguistics, etc.

Research Grants:

2012-2017, Key Project of Overseas-China Core University: Integrated Talents Training Program Based on Korean STEAM Education Curriculum Development, 4.2 million RMB, subproject leader.

April 2001-November 2001, Ministry of Culture and Tourism Project: Korean National Language Informatization under 21st Century Sejong Plan, 200 million Won,assistant researcher.

Selected Publications:

Min Yinglan & Jin Zhe, “The Situation and Improvement Target of Korean Textbook Compilation by Chinese Learners—Focused on Korean Textbook Written during 2000-2015”, Kyungpook Eomunhakhoi, vol.76, 2018, pp.35-60

Ming Yinglan & Zheng Dongmei, “A Comparative Analysis of the Multivocal Structure of ‘두껍다/얇다’ and ‘/’—Mainly Concerned on Corresponding Relationship”,Asian Cultural Studies, vol.45, 2017, pp.291-316.

Min Yinglan & Zheng Dongmei, “Comparative Research on Signal Word of Hao in Chinese and 좋다 in Korean Language”, Asian Cultural Studies, vol.42, 2016,pp.209-234.

현대 중국어와 한국어의 발음 대조”[A Comparative Study of Modern Chinese and Modern Korean Pronunciation], International Language and Literature, no.2, 2000,pp.91-106.


2011 and 2012, Excellent Teachers Award (at university level) offered by SDU Weihai

2004 Young Teaching Expert Award by SDU Weihai

1995 and 1996, Second Prize of the National Korean Broadcast Program Award

Email: ylm8135@163.com