Int'l Politics & Economics Dept.
Zhao Yupu

Male, Researcher, Dean of the School of Northeast Asia Studies, Member of the CPC, President of the Returned Overseas Scholars Association of Weihai City,

Vice President of the Western Returned Scholars Association of Shandong Province

Education Background:

2004-2007, Ph.D. in Administration, Hoseo University

1990-1991, Visiting Scholar, Kim Il-sung University

1985-1988, M.A. in Economics, Shandong University

1981-1985, B.A. in Economics, Shandong University

Research Interests:

Northeast Asian Studies, Politics and Economics of Korean Peninsula


Korean Peninsula and China, South Korean Economy, Chinese Economy

Research Grants:

2008, Shandong Provincial Soft Science Fund: South Korea's Deindustrialization and Its Impact on Shandong's Economic Development

International Presentations:

November 26, 2009, Baekseok College of Cultural Studies, “Economic Development of China and Future Issues”

October, 2008, International University of Korea, “University Development Strategy under Globalization”

April 30, 2008, International University President Forum, “University Education to Meet the Requirements of Globalization”

November 29, 2005, Changwon National University, “The Survival and Development Strategy of Korean-Owned Enterprises in China”

Selected Publications:

Li Fei, Sun Xuehua & Zhao Yupu, “我国高等院校应对信息技术挑战的现状分析及对策研究”[ An Analysis of the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Chinese Colleges’ and Universities’ Response to Information Technology Challenges], Journal of National Academy of Education Administration, no.01, 2015, pp.15-20.

  Zhao Yupu & Piao Chenghui, “韩国经济发展的理论与政策”[Theory and Policy of ROK's Economic Development], Shandong Social Sciences, no.12, 2010, pp.39-44.

对大学国际化建设的再思考”[Reflection on Internationalization of Universities], China Adult Education, no.12, 2009, pp.16-17.

“Korean Companies’ investment in Shandong Province: Current Status and Issues”, 会计研究[Journal of Accounting], vol.14, no.02, 2009.

“The Effect of Consolidation of Chinese Enterprises’ Income Tax on Foreign Investment”, 会计研究[Journal of Accounting], vol.13, no.03, 2008, pp.139-155.

Zhao Yupu & Meng Hong, “新技术革命条件下企业经营管理的八个新特点”[Eight New Features of Enterprise Management under the Condition of New Technology Revolution], Shandong Social Sciences, no.04, 1988, pp.20-23.

产品经营中的PDCA循环”[The PDCA Recycle in Product Management], Enterprise Management, no.07, 1986, pp.19-21.

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