Int'l Politics & Economics Dept.
Tong Jiadong

Part-time distinguished professor of Shandong University, PhD in economics.

Director of the European Union Center, Director of the Academic Committee of Applied Economics at Nankai University

Research Interests:

International Trade, International Economics


International Economics, Lectures on International Frontier Issues, EU Economy

Selected Publications:

Tong Jiadong and Liu Cheng, “Exploration on the reverse globalization and international economic order in the post-COVID-19 era”, Journal of Chang’an University(Social Science Edition), no.4, 2020, pp.33-40.

Tong Jiadong et al., “Global Economy amid the COVID-19 Outbreak and Challenges for China”, International Economic Review, no.3, 2020, pp.9-28+4.

Tong Jiadong, “The Studies on the Model of Economic Integration in Asia-Pacific Region from the Non-institutional to Institutional Road”, Asia-pacific Economic Review, no.2, 2020, pp.30-35+149-150.

Tong Jiadong and Yang Jun, “The Influence of Internet on Innovation of China’s Manufacturing Importers”, Journal of International Trade, no.1, 2019, pp.1-15.

Tong Jia-dong and Chen Xiao, “Study on Deviationand Composition of Industrial Distortion of Factor Allocationin China—From the Perspective of Inter and Intra-Industry Decomposition”, Shanghai Journal of Economics, no.1, 2019, pp.43-54.


Award for Supervising Excellent Doctoral Dissertations from the Ministry of Education. Baogangl Outstanding Teacher Award, Huo Yingdong Outstanding Young Teacher Award.