About Us
Our Philosophy


    School Motto: “Pursue Virtue and Knowledge, Build A World of Harmony.”

    Our School devotes itself to cultivating first-class talents with a good grasp of international vision, professional skills, comprehensive knowledge structure and humanistic quality. With interdisciplinary construction in mind, an unique education mode was set up—the “Major + Foreign Language” Double Excellency Mode. Our students receive small-class teaching, take specialized courses in multiple fields, and are required to develop a proficiency in two foreign languages. In addition, an “elite class” is set up to cultivate versatile talents with dual degrees in International Politics and International Economics.

    At our school, students are encouraged to participate in national and provincial competitions, volunteer service, social practice, and scientific research projects. As the School Motto has stated, our graduates are encouraged to gain knowledge and virtue, for the noble cause of making the future world more harmonious.



    Aiming at making itself a top-ranking academic highland in China, our School attracts talents from all over the world, cultivates a high-level research team and nourishes academic achievements. It owns three academic teams, covering the field of International Politics and Economics, Northeast Asian Language and Literature, as well as Northeast Asian History and Culture. In addition, it boasts a team of visiting professors and foreign teachers composed of famous scholars from the United States, Russia, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia and other countries.



Our School strive for inter-disciplinary teaching and research through integration of politics, economics, history, culture and foreign languages, with a special focus on Northeast Asian affairs, so that students are equipped with good foreign language skills as well as rich knowledge on international politics and economics.

In respect of education, our goal is to fully prepare students for a successful life; In terms of research, our goal is to assist researchers in making academic break-through; Regarding society, our goal is to provide future pillars for the national rejuvenation and for a harmonious community with a shared future for mankind.