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Professor Zhang Jingquan Won Key Funding from Shandong Provincial Decision-Making Consultation Research Project

On November 19, the project “Accelerating Shandong Marine Ecological Governance” applied by Professor Zhang Jingquan was approved by Shandong Provincial People’s Government.

Shandong Province, as a strategy maritime spot on the B & R initiative and a key area along the New Eurasian Continental Bridge Economic Corridor, has the strategic advantages, strong strength and development consciousness to develop marine economy, manage marine ecology, and seek marine development. Under the planning and guidance of the “Shandong Marine Province Construction Action Plan”, “Shandong Province Marine Ecological Environmental Protection Plan (2018-2020)”, and “Shandong Province Marine Environmental Protection Regulations”, Shandong Province has achieved great marine economic development. However, many marine ecological problems have also emerged. The urgency and necessity of marine ecological protection and marine pollution control continue to be highlighted. It is extremely necessary to optimize the working mechanism of marine ecological control and restoration in Shandong Province.

This project adheres to the line of “prevention and control, governance, cooperation, and development”. Starting from the current status of the marine ecological governance and restoration work in Shandong Province, and fully taking into consideration of the actual needs of global, national and regional marine ecological governance, this project explores the marine pollution cooperation models of intra-provincial joint prevention and inter-provinvial cooperation, so as to create a bright future of sustainable development of the marine economy and symbiosis of marine ecology.

“Marine Social Science” is a characteristic cross-disciplinary research direction of School of Northeast Asia Studies and Institute of International Studies at Shandong University. It is in line with the strategic development of Shandong Province, and the construction of new liberal arts. The School and Institute will further promote the integration of social sciences and natural science in the field of marine research, to realize innovation in talent training, scientific research, and local service.