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“Hai You” Doctoral Forum at School of Northeast Asia Studies is Open for Application

To implement the “Academic Rejuvenation” strategy and continue to strengthen the academic exchanges of graduate students inside and outside the school during the pandemic, as a celebration of the 20th anniversary of Shandong University’s Graduate School, the “2020 Hai You Doctoral Student Online Forum Plan” was launched. All department were encouraged host this year’s forum online, so that the influence of “Hai You” will continue to extend.

School of Northeast Asia Studies is a key school of Shandong University. Since 2017, Northeast Asian Studies has been elected as Shandong University’s “Peak Discipline Plan” and has been known for its interdisciplinary approach. The School has three departments: the Department of International Politics and Economics, the Department of Korean Studies, and the Department of Japanese Studies. It has founded a Northeast Asian Research Center (registered at the Ministry of Education), a Korean Peninsula Research Center (registered at the Ministry of Education), and a History and Documentation Research Center , a China-Japan -ROK Think Tank Research Base (member of Think Tank Alliance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Northeast Asian Research Certer for Chinese Association of Asia-Pacific Studies. The Institute of International Studies, headed by Zhang Yunling, member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Chair Professor of Shandong University, has developed close cooperation with out School, providing a greater platform for the School.

School of Northeast Asia Studies sincerely invites young doctoral students to participate in “Hai You” Forum. Welcome to the School of Northeast Asia Studies, Shandong University!

1. Forum theme: China, ocean and the world under changes unseen in a century

How to understand China and the world amidst major changes unseen in a century is a critically realistic topic for Chinese and foreign researchers. In recent years, President Xi Jinping has put forward the concept of “maritime community with a shared future”. With countries directly or indirectly involved in maritime affairs, the world is entering a new pan-ocean era. Our objective world is changing, so is our epistemology. Your study can focus on the current or the historical, the sea or the land, the domestic or the foreign. “Hai You” Forum will share with you a feast of cognition in this golden autumn.

2. Time and Location:

Time: November 14, 2020

Location: Teachers and students of our School will connect with experts and doctoral students from other schools through “Tencent Conference”. The Forum invites doctoral students from relevant majors inside and outside the school to submit their articles. Experts in the field will give comment and make theme reports.

3. Forum sponsor and organizer:

Sponsor: Graduate School of Shandong University and Graduate Work Department of Shandong University Party Committee

Organizer: School of Northeast Asia Studies, Shandong University

4. Call for papers

This forum is for doctoral students majoring in International Politics, International Relations, World History, and Asian-African Languages and Literature. The first author is required to be under 35 years old.

The papers presented by doctoral students atn this forum will be evaluated by the academic committee of the forum, and awards (in cash) will be given accordingly.

5. Scope of Subjects

The manuscripts should focus on the following topics:

a. China under changes unseen in a century.

b. The ocean under changes unseen in a century.

c. The world under changes unseen in a century.

6. Requirements for Paper Submission

a. The deadline for paper submission is November 8, 2020. Contributors are requested to send their manuscripts to before 24:00 on that day. Please indicate the author’s name, affiliation and contact details (phone number and email address) in the email. The subject of the email should be: author’s name + affiliation + manuscript subject.

b. The content of the paper should be centered on important frontier theoretical and practical issues, innovative, original, accurate, and standardized.

c. The length of the manuscript should be less than 20,000 words and no more than 15 pages. An abstract of no more than 300 words is required.

d. The submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by experts from the review committee, and the list of candidates will be anounced before November 11. The candidates should prepare a 10-15 minute PPT for the presentation based on the submitted paper.

e. The forum does not accept articles that are already published, but accepts articles that have been submitted but not yet published. This forum will produce proceedings, which does not affect the candidates’ submission of the manuscripts to journals. No fees are charged to the candidates.

f. The submitted manuscript must be original research. The contributor shall bear the consequence of academic misconduct.

g. The final interpretation right of this forum is owned by the Preparatory Committee of the “Hai You” Doctoral Forum.

7. Participation and registration arrangements

a. The deadline for paper submission: November 8, 2020.

b. Anouncement of candidate list: November 11, 2020.

c. Full-day meeting (no fees will be charged): November 14, 2020.

Welcome to contribute and participate!

 Northeast Asian College of Shandong University

  October 12, 2020