Korean Dept.
Jin Zhe

Male, Professor, Doctoral Advisor, Ph.D. from Yanbian University

Director of the Chinese Society of Foreign Literature (Korean Literature Branch)

Director of the Korean Language Education Association in China

Oversea Director of International Association of Korean Language Education

Vice President of Korea-China Humanities Forum

Research Interests:

Chinese-Korean Comparative Literature, History of Chinese-Korean Literary Communication

Research Grants:

2018-2022, National Social Science Fund: A Study of Chronicles of Chinese-Korean Literature Exchange in the 20th Century

2017-2018, Academy of Korean Studies: Kim Kwangju’s Chinese Works during His Time in Shanghai

2014-2015, National Social Science Fund: Translation of “Ecological Consciousness and Artistic Appeal of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism”

2013-2014, Shandong Provincial Social Science Foundation Project: The Influence of Boyi, Shuqi, and Mengjiang in Yeon Haeng Rok on North Korean People’s Impression of Chinese Culture

2013-2014, Project Title: The Mode of Korean Cultural Education in Korean Language Education in China

2008-2010, Project Title: On the Teaching Method and Application of Korean Crash Course

2007-2008, Project Title: On the Chinese-Korean Communication History of Modern and Contemporary Literature

Selected Publications:


20世纪上半期中朝现代文学关系研究》[On the Relationship between Chinese and Korean Modern Literature in the First Half of the 20th Century], Shandong University Press, 2013.

《朴齐家诗文学与中国文学关联研究》[Association Studies of Pak Che-ga's Poetry and Chinese Literature], National Publishing House, 2007.

Journal Articles

Jin Zhe & Zhuang Qingtao, “Research on Movie Introduction and Criticism by Kim Published on Literary Arts Layout of Shanghai Morning Post”, Asian Cultural Studies, vol.45, 2017, pp.453-487.

Jin Zhe & Huang Xiaoying, “Research on Cognize of China by Chosun Envoys in Ming and Qing Dynasty—Focused on Shanhaiguan Poetry in Yeonhaengrok”, Asian Cultural Studies, vol.39, 2015, pp.29-68.

“Hu Shi and Modern Korean Literary Circles in the First Half of 20th Century”,Contemporary Korea, no.04, 2012, pp.99-114.

Jin Zhe & Tian Runhui, “Discussion on Research and Literary Translation for Contemporary Literature of China by Lee Mingshan”, Contemporary Korea, no.04,2011, pp.95-106.

“Research on Exchange Status of Shen Cuiwei and Qing Dynasty Scholars and His Learning Tendency Based on His Conversation by Writing”, Asian Cultural Studies, vol.16, 2009, pp.25-45.

“Pak Che-Gas ‘Poetic Flavor’ Concept vs Chinese Poetics”, Dongjiang Journal, vol.26,no.02, 2009, pp.46-51.

“Research on Correlation of Qu Yuan and Park Qijia in the Late Dynasty of Korea”,Asian Cultural Studies, vol.14, 2008, pp.23-42.

“Research on Park Qijia’s Theory of Poetry and Painting Interlinked in Realm and Painting Theory of Chinese Literati”, Asian Cultural Studies, vol.13, 2007, pp.183-214.


2009 and 2015, Shandong University Teaching Award

Email: jz0306@hanmail.net