Korean Dept.
Liu Baoquan

Male, Professor, Master Advisor, Ph.D. from the Sungkyunkwan University

Vice President of the Association of Korean History Studies in China

Director of Asia-Pacific Cultural Research Center, Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at Shandong University

Editorial Board Member of Chinese Journal Contemporary Korea, and Korean Journal Critical Review of History

Research Interests:

Korean history and culture, history of China-Korea relations, Korean Peninsula Studies

Research Grants:

2018, Shandong Provincial Social Science Foundation Project: On the Development Strategy of ROK’s Cultural Industry

2017, Ministry of Education Project: An Analysis of Hot Societal Issues in South Korea under Moon Jae-in Administration

2017, The Korea Fund: China-Korea Relations during the Transition from Ming to Qing Dynasty

  2015, The Korea Fund: Korean Development Report

  2010, The Korea Fund: Research on ROK’s Foreign Policy

Selected Publications:


《壬辰倭乱时期朝•明关系史研究》[On the History of Ming-Korea Relations duringthe Japanese Invasion], Beijing: National Publishing House, 2005.

Journal Articles

日本僧人圆仁入唐求法与东亚佛教交流——以圆仁《入唐求法巡礼行记》记载的人物为中心”[On Japanese Monk Yuanren’s Journey to the Tang Dynasty and East Asian Buddhism Exchanges], Yellow Sea Academic Forum, no.02, 2017, pp.170-190.

“The Cultural Exchanges between China and the Republic of Korea in the Early 1980s”,Contemporary Korea, no.04, 2017, pp.49-60.

“Transnational History Methodology and Narration of East Asian History”, Asian Cultural Studies, vol.42, 2016, pp.51-75.

晚清中国学者的朝鲜印象——以薛培榕《东藩纪要》为中心的考察”[Late Qing Scholars’ Impression of Korea—Based on Xue Rongpei’s “Dongfan Jiyao”], Theory Journal, no.10, 2015, pp.112-118.

“Chinese historical records on the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592-1598”, Social Studies Education, vol.51, No.4, 2012, pp.15-26.

壬辰倭乱时期的朝鲜《朝天录》研究”[A Study of the “Chao Tian Lu” during the 1592-1598 Japanese Invasion], Social Science Front, no.02, 2011, pp.241-243.

“Re-opening of the China-Korea Sea Transportation Line and Relationship between the Two Nations in the Midst of the Ming Dynasty Based on the Text of Records of Heavenly Pilgrimage”, Journal of Shaanxi Normal University (Philosophy and Social Science Edition), vol.40, no.04, 2011, pp.127-133.

“The Change of Cognition about Ming Dynasty in Chosun Dynasty after Imjin Waeran–Focus on the "Benefaction of Nation's Reconstruction”, Asian Cultural Studies,vol.11, 2006, pp.141-161.


2016 and 2017, Shandong University Award for Best Thesis Supervisor

2013 and 2015, First Prize of Social Science Excellence Achievement offered by Weihai Municipal Government

Email: liubq@sdu.edu.cn