Korean Dept.
Li Xuetang

Male, Professor, Master Advisor, Ph.D. in Literature.

Director of Korean Literature Institute,

Director of Chinese Association of Foreign Literature Studies (Oriental Branch)

Education Background:

Ph.D. September 2000—July 2005, Sungkyunkwan University

M.A. September 1998—July 2007, Sungkyunkwan University

B.A. September 1983—March 1989, Kim Hyong Jik University of Education

Research Grants:

2012-2018, Shandong University Key Research Grant: Collection of Confucianism Materials in South Korea

2009-2011, Ministry of Education Project: “Yan Xing Lu” and Chinese Society during the Transition from Ming to Qing Dynasty

2009-2011, Shandong Provincial Social Science Grant: Culture Inheritance of Confucianism in South Korea

2009-2010, Private Company Fund: Korean Literati’s View of Shandong during Joseon Dynasty

Selected Publications:


《朝鲜朝后期文学批评研究》[A Study of Literary Criticism in the Late Joseon Dynasty], National Publishing House, 2006.

Journal Articles

Li Xuetang & Wang Qianqian, “On Shagai Kim Jang-saeng’s Theory of Li and Qi and the Theory of Mind”, Journal of Korean Studies, vol.37, no.1, 2017, pp.135-198.

“Criticism on School of Wang Yang-ming in Mid Joseon Dynasty—Focused on Toegea,Soae and Yulgok”, 漢文學報[Journal of Chinese Studies], no.31, 2016, pp.97-124.

朝鲜中期文人李民宬与齐鲁文化” [Korean Literatus Yi Min-Seong and Qi Lu Culture], Chinese Culture Research, no.01, 2016, pp.74-90.

李民宬的山东贡道文化之旅” [Yi Min-Seong’s Journey in Shandong], Journal of Binzhou University, vol.29, no.02, 2013, pp.94-103.

“17-18世纪中韩文人之间的跨文化交流与文化误读”[Cross-Cultural Communication and Misunderstanding between Chinese and Korean Literati during 17th-18th Century], Collected Papers for Korean Studies, no.02, 2007, pp.334-350.

“A Study On Yi Deokmoo's Literary Ideology and Poetry Criticism”, Asian Cultural Studies, vol.11, 2006, pp.83-119.


Undergraduate course: Korean Intensive Reading

Graduate course: Classical Korean Literature


Excellent Teaching Award and Most Popular Teacher’s Award offered by SDU

Email: lixuetang@hotmail.com