Korean Dept.
Yin Yunzhen

Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Honored Professor of Shandong University.

Anonymous reviewer of National Social Science Fund Project, Member of the Ministry of Education Expert Database, Referee for Changjiang Scholars Evaluation, President of China Korean Literature Research Association, Vice President of China Korean Language Education Association.

Research Interests:

Korean Literature, Chinese-Korean Comparative Literature, Chinese-Korean Translation

Research Grants:

2014-2018, National Social Science Fund: Research on the relationship between selected poems in Dong Wen Xuan and Chinese literature.

2015-2016, Central Research Institute of Korean Studies: A comparative study of Chinese and Korean literature during the Manchukuo period.

2011-2014, International Project: Current Status and Prospects of Korean Literature Translation and Introduction in China.

2002-2005, Ministry of Education: The relationship between the development of Korean and Japanese classical poetry and Chinese literature.

1999-2002, Ministry of Education: Comparison of modern literature in China, Japan and South Korea

Selected Publications:


《韩国文学史》[History of Korean Literature], Shanghai Jiaotong University Press, 2008.

《中国朝鲜族文学批评史》[History of Chinese Korean Literature Criticism], Beijing Nationalities Publishing House, 2007.

《中韩文学比较研究》[Comparative Study of Chinese and Korean Literature], Seoul Publishing House, 2006.

《中国朝鲜族文学研究》[Research on Chinese Korean Literature], Korea Rising Star Publishing House, 2006.

《日本古典诗歌文学的发展和中国文学的关联》[The development of Japanese classical poetry literature and its relationship with Chinese literature], Heilongjiang Korean Nationalities Publishing House, 2005.

Journal Articles

Yin Yunzhen and Li Wenjiao, “Discussion on the Evolution,Characteristics,and Development Trend of China-Japan Cultural Exchanges”, Northeast Asia Forum, no.3, 2020, pp.90-101+128.

Yin Yunzhen and Zhang Baoshuang, “On Kwon Geun’s Visit to China and His Creation of Chinese Poetry”, Dongjiang Journal, no.2, 2020, pp.93-99+128-128.

Yin Yunzhen and Jin Jiyong, “The Chinese Cultural Factors in Li Gu's Han Poetry”, Dongjiang Journal, no.1, 2019, pp.65-69.

Jiang Xia and Yin Yunzhen, “On the Correlation between Lee In-Lo's Chinese Poems and Chinese Scholars”, Dongjiang Journal, no.1, 2017, pp.40-45+112.

Yin Yunzhen, “On the Teaching Materials of South Korean Classical Literature from the Perspective of Specificity of Literary History”, Foreign Language Research in Northeast Asia, no.4, 2014, pp.72-76.


Five national and provincial society writing and paper awards; one creative prize from Yanbian Korean People’s Government Literature and Art Award; 2014 Wolong Academic Award at Yanbian University; Changbai Mountain Literature Review Award.

Email: yinyz@jlu.edu.cn