Int'l Politics & Economics Dept.
Zhang Yunling

Male, Distinguished First-Tier Professor, Doctoral Advisor, National Outstanding Expert

Member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,

Director of the Discipline Development Committee of School of Northeast Asia Studies,

Member of the 10th, 11th and 12th CPPCC National Committee,

Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee,

Director of the Regional Security Research Center at CASS

Vice President of the China-Korea Friendship Association,

Director of the Asian Institute Academic Committee, China Foreign Affairs University,

Chief Scientist of the ASEAN Regional Research Collaborative Innovation Center at Guangxi University,

Board Director of the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA)

President of Chinese Association of Asia-Pacific Studies (1993-2018),

Member of East Asia Vision Group (1999-2001, 2011-2012),

Member of the China-ASEAN Cooperation Experts Panel (2001-2002),

Member of the Asia-Europe Cooperation Expert Panel (2003-2004),

Chief Expert of the “East Asia Free Trade Area Feasibility Study” (2004-2006),

Chief Expert of the Feasibility Studies of the “Comprehensive Economic Partnership of East Asia(CEPEA)” (2006-2009),

Chairman of the China-ROK Joint Expert Committee (2009-2013),

Asia-Pacific Regional Consultant for Deutsche Bank (2009-2013)

Selected Publications:


China and the World since the Reform and Opening up, Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press, 2018.

A New Model of China-U.S. Relationship: Theory and Practice, Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press, 2017.

New Security Concepts and Construction of Security System, Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press, 2015.

New International Environment for China, Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press, 2011.

Building a Harmonious World: Theory and Practice, Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press, 2008.

Making New Partnership: A Rising China and Its Neighbors, Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press, 2008.

East Asian Regionalism and China, Beijing: World Knowledge Press, 2005. 《伙伴还是对手——调整中的中美日俄关系》[Partners or Opponents—China-U.S.-Japan-Russia Relations in Adjustment], Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press, 2001.

《欧洲剧变与世界格局》[Dramatic Change in Europe and World Order], Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press, 1996.

CSSCI Journal Articles

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Email: ylzhangtyc@cass.org.cn