Int'l Politics & Economics Dept.
Fang Haofan

Male, Professor, Doctoral Advisor, Postdoctoral fellow at Kim Il Sung University

Director of the Northeast Asian Research Center at Shandong University

Education Background:

Ph.D. Chonnam National University

M.A. Yanbian University

B.A. Northeast Normal University

Research Grants:

2013-2018, National Social Science Fund: The Influence of Confucianism on the Development of Korean History and Culture (13XZX012)

2016, Jilin Provincial Education Science “13th Five-Year Plan” Project: The Teaching Reform of College “Ethics” Based on “Big Data” (GH16030)

2013-2015, Jilin Provincial Department of Education “12th Five-Year Plan” Social Science Research Key Project: A Study of Religious Issues Affecting Social Stability in Yanbian, 15,000RMB

2011, Jilin Provincial Education Science “12th Five-Year Plan” Project: The Core Value System of Confucianism and Education of Contemporary Values (ZC11020)

2008, “211 Project” Phase III Key Discipline Construction Project: Research on the Core Value System in East Asian Cultural History

2006-2010, National Social Science Fund Project: Confucianism's Corner Positioning for Building a “Harmonious” Cultural Environment in Northeast Asia (06XZX008)

2006-2007, Jilin Provincial Education Science “11th Five-Year Plan” Project: The Cultivation of Korean Cultural Competitiveness and the Sustainable Development of Yanbian Economy under the Background of Globalization (GCO2111)

Selected Publications:


《儒学思想与东北亚“文化共同体”》[Confucianism and “Cultural Community” in Northeast Asia], Social Sciences Academic Press, 2011.

《茶山实践伦理思想》[Chashan Practice and Ethics], 泉水出版社[Spring Water Press], 2004.

《儒学与丁若镛哲学思想》[Confucianism and Ding Ruoyong's Philosophical Thoughts], Korea Studies Information, 2004.

CSSCI Journal Articles

中国的韩国儒学思想史研究范式及反思”[Reflection on the Research Paradigm of the History of Korean Confucianism in China], Dongjiang Journal, vol.36, no.01, 2019,pp. 32-38+112.

茶山丁若镛经学哲学思想”[The Philosophical Thought of Ding Ruoyong], Studies of Zhouyi, no.05, 2014, pp.76-83.

张显光的理气经纬思想:韩国性理学的另一种诠释”[Zhang Xianguang's Thought of “Liqi Jingwei”: Another Interpretation of Korean Sexual Science], History of Chinese Philosophy, no.04, 2011, pp.113-117.

东北亚文化共同体动因及其政治阻碍——中韩日对待“文化共同体”的态度”[The Motivation of Northeast Asian Cultural Community and Its Political Obstruction—The Attitude of China, South Korea and Japan to the “Cultural Community”],Dongjiang Journal, vol.26, no.02, 2009, pp.1-6.

Fang Haofan & Shu Jingnan, “丁若镛实学中学思想体系的建构——孔孟仁学思想体系的复归与继承”[The Construction of the “Renxue” Thought System in Ding Ruoyong’s Pragmatism—The Reversion and Inheritance of the Confucian and Mencius Thought System], Confucius Studies, no.01, 2008, pp.23-31.

茶山性嗜好人间观”[A Study of Chashan’s “Sexual Philosophy”], Zhejiang Social Sciences, no.05, 2005, pp.122-126.

Email: fanghaofan@163.com