About Us
Facts & Figures

School of Northeast Asia Studies was founded in Weihai, a beautiful World Habitat city. As the only School in China named after “Northeast Asia”, our School undertakes the task of building an emerging inter-disciplinary program—Northeast Asian Studies—under the University’s “Peak Plan”.

There are three departments: Department of Korean Studies, Department of Japanese Studies, and Department of International Politics and Economics. A complete set of education programs are offered, covering bachelor's degree, master's degree, doctoral degree, postdoctoral programs and oversea programs.

The School also hosts a number of research institutions, including Institute of International Studies, Institute of Korean Peninsula, Northeast Asian Research Center, Network of Trilateral Cooperation Think-Tanks (Weihai Base), and Chinese Association of Asia-Pacific Studies (Northeast Asian Branch).

    The School has a competitive teaching and research team with strong research abilities, diversified fields of expertise, and balanced age distribution, including 11 professors (two first-tier professors), 12 associate professors, and 16 lecturers. Out of the faculty members, 7 are doctoral advisors, 17 are master advisors, and 48.5% hold overseas doctorates. In addition, 11 foreign experts and 13 domestic scholars have been invited as visiting professors or distinguished professors.

Currently the School is undertaking 10 research projects supported by the National Social Science Fund, and more than 20 other projects supported by Shandong Province or International Grant.

The School issues its own journal: East Asia Review, and hosts a variety of academic platforms, such as the Peninsula Forum, the National Rejuvenation Forum, the Ambassador Forum, International Northeast Asia Forum, China-South Korea Relations Forum, etc.

    The School has established cooperative relationships with famous universities, research institutes, as well as think tanks in China and abroad. State-financed exchange programs are available every year for both undergraduates and graduates to study at 25 universities in South Korea and Japan.