About Us
From the Dean

  School of Northeast Asia Studies is located at the Weihai Campus of Shandong University on the coast of the Yellow Sea. It is a key School of Shandong University, and the only School in China named after “Northeast Asia”. It carries the mission of constructing the emerging interdisciplinary study of Northeast Asia. It plays an important role in cultivating talents, academic research, and contributing to the nation and society.

  The world today is witnessing great changes unseen in 100 years, and the Chinese nation is standing at the center of the world stage. In the historical journey of national rejuvenation, we face an increasingly complex external environment and severe challenges from all sides. Changes in the international political landscape, economic globalization, scientific and technological revolution, diversification of interests, new contradictions in global governance, as well as social and cultural diversification have raised a series of issues to be dealt with. An effective resolution of these issues is a requisite to build a community with a shared future, to achieve world peace and development, and to realize the Chinese Dream. There lies the importance of talents and knowledge.

  School of Northeast Asia Studies is committed to cultivating first-rate talents with an international vision, a mastery of international rules, professional knowledge and skills, as well as a comprehensive knowledge structure and humanistic qualities. The School is also committed to first-class academic research. To this end, it recruits talented people from all around the world and cultivates high-level research teams. The School is committed to creating a high-level research platform for international studies, to contribute wisdom and provide solution to major problems in peace and development of mankind. It takes on the mission of serving national strategy and social needs. It upholds the 100 years’ tradition of “storing talents for national rejuvenation”, making its own contribution to national development.

  School of Northeast Asia Studies deems interdisciplinary integration, academic frontier, openness, and internationalization as core values for talent cultivation, discipline construction and academic development. We provide a good learning environment for students at home and abroad so that they can set sail for a successful life. We provide a satisfactory academic environment for the world's learned people so that they can devote themselves to educating and researching. We provide future scholars for Chinese higher education and for the building of social sciences and humanities with Chinese characteristics.

We welcome students and academicians around the world to study and work here!