Foreign Teachers
Li Yuanye

Male, South Korean Nationality, Professor

Researcher at Institute of Northeast Asian Studies at Peking University

Education Background:

1997-2003, Peking University Northeastern, Master and Ph.D. in History

2001-2002, Visiting Scholar, Central Washington University

1993-1997, Peking University, Bachelor of History

Research Grants:

2013, Funded by Daegu Bank (South Korea): A Study of Korean Anti-Japanese Ruins in China

2010, Funded by the Economic and Humanities Society of South Korea: A Study of the Historical and Cultural Status of South Korea and Chongqing

Selected Publications:

关于韩中关系的多角度评析”[Multi-Angle Analysis of Korea-China Relations], Journal of Dalian University, no.01, 2013, pp.68-75.

中美两国与朝鲜半岛的历史文化关系述论”[A Survey of the Historical and Cultural Relationship between China, US and the Korean Peninsula], Collected Papers of Study on Korea, 2009, pp.103-113.

东北亚地缘政治与中美对朝鲜半岛的政策”[Geopolitics in Northeast Asia and Sino-US Policy on the Korean Peninsula], Collected Papers of Study on Korea, 2004, pp.220-230.

On the Evolution of China and the US Policy towards the Korean Peninsula, Hong Kong Social Science Press, 2003.

“Research on US Foreign Policy towards Korean Peninsula after the Cold War”, Journal of Northeast Asian Studies, 2002.


2008 Outstanding Teacher Award offered by Chongqing Municipal Education Commission

Email: dage65@naver.com